01/17/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

L'Homme Fatale: New York's Charming, Troublesome Breed Of Man

Introducing the femme fatale...for men.

The Homme Fatale has also slyly insinuated (as is to be expected) his way into popular culture. Take, for instance, the Aaron Rose character played by John Patrick Amedori on the teen drama Gossip Girl, the young downtown artist and RISD grad with the unfortunate goatee. In the six episodes in which his relationship with the glamorous, blond Upper East Sider Serena van der Woodsen has progressed in fits and starts, he has yet to actually have sex with her. (Also, he doesn't drink. Possible evidence of control issues!) But he sends her suggestive gifts, thoughtful texts and even asks her to be his muse. And for a somewhat nebbishy, shy person, he seems to have a suspicious number of beautiful female friends hanging around at all times. When Serena is justifiably confused by the other "muses" in his life, he simply says, "I could explain who Tamara is and why she was at my apartment last night, but the fact is, you feel something or you don't. If you're looking for an excuse to keep us apart, that's fine." It's a classic Homme Fatale move: come on strong, then, when confronted with evidence that points to a lack of commitment or deception, turn it around so the woman feels like it's her issue. (It's a variation on the "I never said I wasn't seeing anyone else" theme.)

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