Cap And Dividend Latest Subject Of Green Cartoons

01/18/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Dave Burdick Man about Boulder:,,

Here's an entertaining, possibly emerging trend I should have predicted: cartoons used to explain green issues or technologies.

Last week, someone sent me the Gorilla in the Greenhouse cartoon that explains mountaintop removal. This week, it's a not-quite-as-slick cartoon explaining the far wonkier cap-and-dividend carbon economy plan recently endorsed by the Washington Post. It's also known as cap and rebate, cap and return, and probably others. And, for the record, occasional HuffPost contributor and enviro-wonk extraordinaire Joe Romm called cap and dividend "fatally incomplete" in early 2008.

But what is cap and dividend? Well, let Cap'n Dividend tell you what he thinks.


And if you're looking for more cartoons about green issues, here's the Gorilla in the Greenhouse episode on mountaintop removal:

Mairi Beautyman also just blogged for HuffPost about some environmental comics poking fun in some way at green issues (and the execution of some green ideals):

A joke can be a harmless way of self depreciation--or a lesson taught with precision. It can also be a powerful weapon. All of the five comics below arguably give a negative jab to the green movement--but does that makes them less green?

These comics also indirectly warn us about the bandwagon, the clan of uncommitted green hopefuls that planted a tree or two or bought a shiny green product on the rack...and continued to fly private jets to the Amazon deforestation party.

The fact is, for any kind of positive global environmental change, we need a watchdog. And, frankly, the pro environment comics we came across are just not all that funny.

Someone also pointed me in the direction of A Graphic Guide To Genetics And DNA. No, it's not strictly green stuff, it's more genetics information that could maybe help you understand GMO or the ways that terrifying chemicals are screwing with your insides.

But if you're going to complain about it, why don't you go off and make your own cartoon (and link to it in the comments).