01/18/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Climate In The Obama Age: An Interview With Andy Revkin

Hopes are high for an Obama-led climate strategy, but when it comes to true details there are still more questions than answers. Andrew C. Revkin has stationed himself at the intersection of science, technology, and policy for two decades, watching closely and writing like a madman. Revkin's reporting can be found in the New York Times, where he is a senior environment writer, as well as at Dot Earth. He also pops up regularly on TreeHugger around issues like geoengineering, climate taxes, and population growth. We asked Andy to shed some light on the Obama climate picture as it unfolds.

TreeHugger: I want to talk about Barack Obama and what the incoming presidential administration is going to mean for the climate. Via your blog, Dot Earth, you've elicited from your readers a list of suggestions on what the transition team should be working on. In the realm of climate, what have people spoken up about?

Andy Revkin
: Well, there is a bunch of stuff coming in and I have more coming onto the blog even as we speak. White roofs, for example. Someone just told me white should be the new green as a way to cool places off and blunt some of the warming effect of growing CO2. A more reflective world is a better place, and cities still tend to be very dark.
Read the full interview or listen to a podcast of it here.

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