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Enjoy Your New Electronics And Recycle The Old Ones Properly

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Some of the big gifts this year were HDTVs, gaming consoles, GPS units and other gadgety items. But when new items enter the home, often that means old gadgets get the boot. Be sure to send them to a happy hunting ground by properly recycling them.

The Electronics TakeBack Coalition provides several excellent Consumer Guides that walk you through just how you go about finding a recycling facility for your old electronics. It can be worrisome, since you have to be careful your device is going to a responsible recycler and not someone who will ship it overseas to an unregulated and often highly toxic facility.

One of these great guides is A Consumer's Guide to Recycling Your Old TV. It explains your resources for responsible recycling, and even how you can get valuable coupons for your turned-in TV or converter box. Everything you need is summed up in this quick-glance guide. They also have a TV manufacturer report card that highlights where a manufacturer ranks in their recycling programs.

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