02/06/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Lisa Marie Presley Defends Travolta Family, Scientology

Lisa Marie Presley, friend to John Travolta and Kelly Preston and fellow Scientologist, has taken to her MySpace page to defend the couple after the tragic death of their teenage son Jett, clear up perceived misunderstandings about Scientology and relay how much the Travoltas gave to their son.

A new mom, Presley has been out of the spotlight for months since having twins in early October.

On the blog she writes in part:

Two of my very good friends, (John and Kelly Travolta ) the sweetest people in the world have just encountered the worst possible tragedy a parent could be forced to endure, the death of their son Jett.
My heart is crying and bleeding for them.
I personally would not have it in me to bury my own child.
I am writing this because I have noticed that for the most part, people and the media have been very sympathetic and respectful, but there are those certain ones that want to use this horrible tragedy as an opportunity to once again, blame and or attack Scientology?
Folks, as popular as it has been to discriminate and ridicule Scientology and Scientologist's in the recent past , Now is NOT the time...
It is not true that Scientologist's "Don't believe in " medical care , medicine or medical Doctors and that may have something to do with this terrible tragedy.
Just like anyone else, If one is sick , they go to the doctor, If a medication will make it better then they take it.
If they don't then they are an idiot and you can't blame their religion.
Whatever medical and or physical condition Jett had , I can tell you first hand that his parents were on a tireless, never ending quest to get and provide him with the absolute best care anyone could ever ask for and need, Medically, physically, emotionally, medicinally and spiritually.
I am not writing this to preach my beliefs, I am here to protect my friends.