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Scritti Politti: January 6, 2007

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Hello. Eat The Press used to do a tidy little roundup post, of links to things worth reading about, at the end of the day. Then, Eat The Press didn't do this anymore. I've decided that we shall do this again, because I can. So, that's that!

Also, Will She Come To His Work?: CNN's Sanjay Gupta is tapped to be Surgeon General in the Obama administration! Maybe you've heard about it, from CNN? It's a "situation" that warrants a "situation room," apparently! Anyway! The one question everyone's too terrified to ask is: Does Gupta's appointment raise the specter of a taxpayer-funded pap smear for Kathy Griffin?

Living Vicariously, Through Children: The Presidential Inaugural Committee has decided to hold "an essay contest to award parade viewing stand tickets to over 100 D.C. students." I'm predicting the winner pool to be strangely flush with kids sprung from the loins of various left-leaning DC think-tanks.

RNC To Ruin Twitter, Decisively: Matt Yglesias is absolutely right about the RNC candidates putting forth Twitter as the Next Big Thing. "Twitter's neat, it's fun, I enjoy it. But you can't do political persuasion on Twitter and anyone who's at all familiar with either Twitter or political persuasion could tell you that." Indeed, none of my politically persuasive friends have successfully used Twitter to persuade me to do anything other than meeting them at the 7:30pm showing of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. (For what it's worth, it ended up being a good decision.)

Department of Interior Plumbing: And now, the incredibly true story of how Dirk Kempthorne spent your tax dollars on a fancy-pants lavatory with monogrammed towels!

Hugh Hewitt's Take On The Bush Legacy: Hewitt says: "But his greatest admirers will be Americans, and perhaps Afghans, Iraqis, Israelis, Indians and Africans a century or more from now who read about his record and resolve in so many efforts will marvel at his restraint and credit his faith and his family for a remarkable service to freedom." I think that the perceived admiration of these peoples will generally coincide with their relative shoelessness.