Election Result To Be Certified; Votes Moved For Football

02/09/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Today, Congress plans to officially certify the results of the 2008 election, meeting in a 1 P.M. joint session to get down to counting up the electoral votes. As CQ Politics points out: "Spoiler alert: Democrat Barack Obama wins with 365 votes against Republican John McCain's 173 votes." How many surprises should we expect? Dianne Feinstein predicts "None." And that's pretty good authority, since she's been so full of surprises lately.

About the only wrinkle to the proceedings that has arisen this week was a request from the Florida and Oklahoma delegations to move votes scheduled for today to Friday, so that they could enjoy tonight's BCS Championship between the Florida Gators and the Oklahoma Sooners. Earlier in the week, Florida Representative Cliff Stearns (no relation to "Bear" Stearns) submitted a request to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that read:

"As you may be aware, on Thursday January 8, the University of Florida and the University of Oklahoma will play for the national football championship. Members of the Florida and Oklahoma delegations have expressed interest in attending the game as the congressional schedule allows. However, votes are currently scheduled to continue into Thursday night and Friday afternoon. We ask that you move these votes to either Wednesday and/or Thursday morning to allow Members to attend this historic game."

Stearns wanted votes for Friday afternoon moved? Man, that Florida delegation must have been planning to get tore up tonight!

Anyway, CQ describes today's ceremonial proceedings as "an exercise that has great meaning but holds absolutely no suspense," like, say, visiting Santa Claus, or junior high school graduation, or reading Ben Smith's blog. Once again, I'd have to advise Larry Johnson that now might be a good time to release the "Whitey Tape." What is he waiting for, anyway?