02/09/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Scritti Politti: January 8, 2007

So, I understand that actress Anne Hathaway has a bone to pick with the President-Elect: "I expect him to explain that choice of Rick Warren...I don't get it. All my friends and I were trying to figure it out, but we just can't." Bully for her! And that's coming from someone who's professed a significant amount of admiration for Obama. I ended up sitting behind Hathaway at Invesco Field during the Democratic National Convention, and can attest to the fact that her enthusiasm for Obama back then was significant. (Also, she's very considerate: Hathaway hooked up a famished conventiongoer in my row with a hot dog after they locked down the stadium.)

Lest you think I'm some sort of starboinker, rest assured that I was much more excited to be seated near Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, a fact that probably says a lot of things about me, most of them troubling.

What If All Media Were As Exacting As Blogs: Hey! Remember when Senator Mitch McConnell suggested that the middle class could benefit from cutting the income tax rate from 25% to 15%? As it turns out, that's totally true! That is, so long as by "middle class" you mean "staggeringly wealthy people."

Inaugurapocalypse Update: Apparently, the "Sober Ride" taxi service that offers DC residents and guests free transportation home from area bars, will not be available on Inauguration Day. That actually makes sense, since all the bridges will closed, there will be gridlock everywhere, and the roads will be filled with horrible charter buses, forever. So, basically, those of you who come to Washington, DC for the event will spend the night stumbling around the city streets in a drunken daze, like you were Christopher Hitchens or something.

Update Your Bookmarks: If you are still using bookmarks, that is. Eric Alterman's Altercation blog has been relaunched on the Nation's website.

Those Who Remain Will Be Crippled With Survivors' Guilt: Layoffs reached a historic high-water mark in 2007, with the media taking it on the chin in extraordinary fashion: "Corporate America last year laid off the highest number of employees since 2003, while the media industry pink-slipped people at the highest rate since 2001."

History Reaches It's Anti-Climax: Here's your video of Dick Cheney - or as Chris Matthews calls him, bafflingly, "Dick CHEE-NEE" - officially making Barack Obama the President of the Electoral College, despite an attempt by Bobby Rush to give the seat Roland Burris.