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RNC Chair Candidate Ken Blackwell Believes In Gay "Cure"

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Yes, that's what Ken Blackwell, the sketchy former Ohio Secretary of State who now has a good shot at running the Republican National Committee, told me a few months back, among some other very interesting and kooky things. It's a far cry from the days when the RNC was led by the 38-year-old "bachelor" of questionable sexual orientation, Ken Mehlman, but, according to The New York Times, Blackwell, a failed Ohio gubernatorial candidate who compared homosexuality to arson and kleptomania at the height of the campaign, may well be the RNC's next chair.

Because of the much-publicized racist eruption by one of the other six candidates over the holidays, Blackwell's supporters' efforts seem to be part of a twisted, laughable attempt to make the RNC appear "diverse" because Blackwell is African-American, even though he is a lockstep, antigay religious fundamentalist. The homos, after all, can still be publicly kicked around with glee:

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