02/13/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Karl Rove Twitter Account Opened

Having successfully managed the political fortunes of the only American President for whom 140-character bursts of information represent the sum total of cognitive ability, Sith Lord Karl Rove has taken his game to the Web 2.0 arena, and is officially up in your Twitters. Rove opened KarlRoveChannel with a tweet at 10:25pm on January 8, and has already done the smart thing by dumping the "Channel" part of his moniker. he can now be followed at KarlRove.

By all accounts, it appears to be the real deal, or a real enough proxy. Joe Trippi has already done a test of authenticity. Rove started off by responding to the questions of followers, and if he keeps that up -- answering questions, responding to pleasantries -- maybe a coordinated campaign can keep him occupied enough to prevent him from doing further harm to the Republic.

Some recommendations for Karl. First: this is Twitter! While no one begrudges you promoting your various Wall Street Journal columns, it's just not the same if you don't take it further, and periodically tweet the quotidian details of your day. What are you eating? How are you enjoying the new season of 24? Are you, at this moment, carving a backwards "B" on your face, for John McCain? These are the aspects of your teeming brain that Twitter needs to know about! Second: are you sending your tweets to CNN's Rick Sanchez? Because he has this whole show where he reads the Internet, out loud, to America, and says the word "Twitter" about ninety times a minute. I'd bet he'd just kvell if you started leaving him messages! And third, DO KEEP SENDING OUT tweets that read, "Signing off for the day!" I like to imagine that I am watching you drift off to sleep, like a big, puffy baby, and I'm sure the entire Twitterverse does as well.

Anyway, can't wait to find out what Rove is listening to on Pandora!