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Oscar de La Renta Describes Hillary Clinton's Inaugural Gown: She's "Very Prudish" About Clothes

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On Monday Barbara Walters sat down with designer Oscar de la Renta for her weekly Sirius XM show "Here's Barbara." He described what Hillary Clinton will wear to Tuesday's swearing-in ceremony ("the most beautiful royal blue") and inaugural balls ("a beautiful pink and gray embroidered with silver and gold"), and detailed his ongoing struggle to get her to show a little skin. Barbara also points out that Clinton has a "nice bosom."

See an excerpt below.

BARBARA WALTERS: Now, you're very close to Hillary Clinton?

OSCAR DE LA RENTA: Of course I am. I love Hillary.

BARBARA WALTERS: Do you say to her, Hillary I don't like that on you, or that's not good and you should do this [and] not that?

OSCAR DE LA RENTA: I try to advise her the best I can, you know, we always have a big, huge fight about - - you know, Hillary, in a sense, is sort of very prudish about the type of clothes she likes to wear and you know from the waist up she really looks great.

BARBARA WALTERS: She's really tiny. She has a small waist and nice bosom.

OSCAR DE LA RENTA: She feels very uncomfortable about wearing revealing kind[s] of cloths and so we are always fighting about the neckline. I do remember one time, we were at a party at the Metropolitan Museum and she was wearing, for the first time, something very, very open and then all of sudden she arrived with a big, huge shawl over her shoulder. And I kept pulling the shawl down and [she] kept pulling it up because she felt uncomfortable about showing her shoulders.