02/20/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Ben Affleck Slams Newsweek , Trashes TARP At HuffPost Pre-Inaugural Party

Affleck, particularly interested in TARP--which he called "a miss"--leveled harsh criticism of Henry Paulson, and Newsweek's "King Henry" cover from September.

"Newsweek, I feel like, is basically culpable for the first [$350 billion]," Affleck said. "They did like this hagiography on Paulson. Did you read that?"

He continued: "They did that and they made it very difficult--it was one of many factors that made it difficult for people to say, [inaud] hold on a second, what is the difference between now and a week from now? Why can't we examine this more closely? Can we talk about this? Why is it that we can't have more transparency in this piece of legislation?"

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