Rush Limbaugh Attacks Obama-Friendly Republicans: "They're Drinking The Kool-Aid" (VIDEO)

02/21/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sean Hannity interviewed Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday night and the conservative king of talk radio had plenty to criticize about the excitement surrounding President Obama's inauguration.

Saying he was "suspicious" of Obama, Limbaugh said the facial expressions of Obama supporters were "frightening" and slammed Republicans who've expressed hope that Obama succeeds:

"They're drinking the Kool-Aid... they're afraid of being called racists."

Limbaugh claims that Obama's race doesn't matter to him now that he's president, oddly comparing Obama's being black to being a Martian:

"He's not black. He's not from Mars."

But Limbaugh goes on to say that if Obama behaves more like Reagan - extending the Bush-era tax cuts - than FDR, he will consider the new president "a success."