02/22/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"Fuel" Director Josh Tickell: Country Suffering From "Texas Standoff"

Some of the solutions you suggest and explore seem so simplistic to a certain extent. Why do you think some individuals have been reticent to make these simple changes on their own?

There's a great line in the movie said by John Paul DeJoria, who is the co-founder of Paul Mitchell. He says, "People are waiting for the corporations to do it and the governments to do it." What['s forgotten] is that the corporations and the governments are made up of people. So you've got this Texas standoff where everybody is waiting for the big boys to do it and the big boys are waiting for everybody else to do it, which is why Fuel the movie has to be Fuel the movement. When people use their votes and they use their money and they use their cars and they use their time and they use their energy, no one can stop it.

How does it feel to have made the Academy short list?

For this type of movie to have made the Academy short list means its reach is bigger than just "greenies" or "tree huggers." This is a film for everyone. It's not a scary film; there are some upsetting moments; there are some moments that make people mad. But you don't watch Fuel and go, "God, I want to jump off of a bridge!" You watch Fuel and go, "I'm going to reorganize my neighborhood." People walk out and they send us messages on Facebook about all the stuff that they're doing [to make a difference].