02/23/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Damon Weaver Stuck In Inauguration Ticket Snafu

While the struggle over at the Purple Ticket Gate at inauguration is the stuff of legend, it should be mentioned that there were plenty of people who reported snafus over at the Blue Gate as well. And among the people denied at that entrance? Our favorite ten year-old cub reporter, Damon Weaver, still has not been able to score that coveted interview with President Barack Obama. Why won't Joe Biden, Vice President and Homeboy, help?

Damon has been vying for an interview since Obama was elected. There have been disappointments along the way, especially Tuesday, when his blue ticket failed to get him a spot on the National Mall for the inauguration after he had waited hours.

He was waylaid by a broken generator that powered one of the metal detectors, causing backups in the security line that Damon and his TV production coach, Brian Zimmerman, were in.

It's nice to know that the problems at the Blue Gate aren't shrouded in mystery. Other than that, Weaver seems to have had a great Inauguration Week, meeting Oprah and Colin Powell, hanging out with the people at ABC News and joking with Diane Sawyer. Best of all is this:

After the interview, King made a major faux pas, at least for anyone who lives in the Glades. He told a national audience that Damon is from Belle Glade. (Damon quickly corrected him, saying his home is in Pahokee.)

He also previewed a question he'd ask Obama: "Will you let Joe the Plumber fix the toilets in the White House bathrooms?" Hopefully, the answer's no!