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Plan Your Green Month In 4 Easy Steps

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In this third installment in our series of small changes that add up to big results, we survey what you can do during the next month to gradually green your routine. Breaking your efforts into smaller, more manageable tasks isn't a cop-out: By following this plan, each small step adds up to changes that will benefit the health of the planet--and, yes, even your own health--immediately and in years to come.

Switch one staple of your diet from conventional to organic: eggs this month, milk the next. For the greatest impact, choose something you buy all the time, not something that's an occasional purchase, and don't challenge your budget by going all organic at once. Also this month, find a farmer's market near you where you can start buying food that's produced within a few hundred miles of your home, further reducing the carbon footprint of your diet by requiring less fuel for transport.

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