02/27/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

How To Rescue A Baby Bird

Animals are always having misadventures in the movies. Look at the Fox and Hound or the Lady and The Tramp or the Muppets Take Manhattan. All those animals. All those misadventures. In the movies, misadventures can be fun and lead to a journey of heartwarming discovery. In real life, every misadventure can be an animal's last. A broken leg, a day without food, a baby separated from its mother can easily cause the creature's early death. Even if the animal does survive, they probably can't learn a heartwarming lesson from their misadventures in the way that humans can. Animals lose on all counts.

One animal that often finds itself in peril is the baby bird. They live up in trees. They can't yet fly. It's a recipe for disaster. Evolution is a jerk. So, the baby bird falls out of the tree. If it's not eaten by a prowling cat or gobbled up by some other predator, a human might come across it. Humans are a weird creature by all standards. There is no telling what a human will do. Some might try and eat the bird. Others will ignore it. Some will try to help it but hurt it. A few will try to raise it as their own. And others will do the right thing.