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At Current Icemelt Pace, Emperor Penguins Extinct Within 100 Years

First Posted: 02/27/09 05:12 AM ET Updated: 05/25/11 02:00 PM ET


Popular Science:

No more happy feet for Emperor Penguins. According to a new study, if Antarctic ice continues to shrink at its current pace, Emperor Penguins will face extinction within the next 100 years.

Emperor Penguins are one of only two open-sea Antarctic penguin species and depend on the sea ice for survival. After breeding, Emperor Penguins feed among the coastal pack ice where stretches of water are exposed. As a result of disappearing ice, the Emperor Penguins are being forced to retreat inward and could easily become displaced by other animals, losing out on nesting space.

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Filed by Dave Burdick  |