03/05/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Unity Through Yoga: How Our Daily Practice Can Bring Us Together

To start, we all need to have an open mind to other forms of yoga. Yogis seem to have become divided based on the type of yoga we practice. People who practice iyengar think that no one takes the time to study, and people who practice vinyasa think that other forms have no soul and are too intellectual. This week, take a break from your usual yoga practice: attend a new class and embrace a different form.

While you're at it, give some thought to other forms of exercise. Just because I may prefer yoga over running or spinning doesn't make me a better person--and I shouldn't exhibit "spiritual snobbery" over my fellow gym-goers. Our yoga doesn't make us better or different than anyone else, it's just something that works for us. While I'm not about to lace up my sneakers for a four-mile jog, I am going to make an effort to set aside my small prejudices toward pavement pounders and iron pumpers. I invite you to do the same.