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Wall Street Apocalypse Sounds Better With Music (VIDEO)

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How can anyone listen to the news today -- packed stem to stern with stories of Wall Street woe and financial calamity -- and not end up a little bit depressed? If you're like me, the answer is Percocets. Lots and lots of Percocets, blended into milkshakes. And the fetal position! Still a favorite!

But maybe we'd all be better off absorbing the news in a different way. Via BoingBoing comes one solution to the problem has been put forward by Johannes Kriedler. Kriedler took a number of the news' most doom-laden charts and fed them into Songsmith -- Microsoft's on-the-spot musical accompaniment generator. The results are positively toe-tapping. The plunge of Lehman Brothers, the uptick of the unemployment rate, the steady decline of Dow Jones ... Songsmith makes them all sound like a madcap tilt-a-whirl of fun. The only thing that will depress you after you hear Songsmith's take on worldwide doom is if you hear its version of the Cars' classic "Just What I Needed," which is awful enough to spontaneously kill puppies.