03/08/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bamboo USB Flash Drive -- With Post-It Notes?

There's something of a trend in the last few years of making electronic gadgets with bamboo, which is a more renewable material than, say, plastic. I think we've seen it all, from bamboo monitors, mice, keyboards and iPod cases to a bamboo Dell.

And now, this.

BoingBoing spotted this weird little USB bamboo gadget:

This bamboo USB stick with built-in sticky note pad is rather lovely, for the product of two unnecessarily converged accessories, but for $30 for 2GBs and 100 notes, you'd be better off slapping a cut-in-half pad of Post-Its on any of the numerous other flash drives in your collection.

Huh? It's a bamboo gadget, which appeals to the average eco-nerd... and it conveniently incorporates a disposable paper product? At least they're tiny post-its, I guess. I like BoingBoing's solution better, because I've seen so many flash drives getting handed out lately I'm sure a lot must just be getting thrown away.