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Could You Be a Manager of Model Studio? Check Now!

First Posted: 03/12/09 06:12 AM ET Updated: 05/25/11 02:05 PM ET

Just imagine that you are the owner of a beauty shop or model studio. And all of your visitors are very demanding and capricious beauties.

A model needs her hair done, her nails done, her clothing picked, her hair dyed, and her make-up done and her poses perfected before she is ready for the photoshoot.

Are you ready to take care of the models? Are you able to arrange their visits so that no one will wait for long in the queue, and all visitors were satisfied at the end? Check it right now!

Move around the models by dragging them with your mouse. Make sure that they pass the stations they need to pass before you send them to the photoshoot. Keep the models happy by not letting them wait for too long, and not putting them at the wrong stations. If a model is happy enough when she goes to her photoshoot, she will give you valuable points. If she's not happy, she will fail and be sent home, giving you nothing!


Filed by Tatyana Ivanova  |