03/12/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Green Shopping Still Increasing, But Consumers Want More Information reports that people are buying as many or more green products now as they were before the economy, but that they still have questions about the process, and they're skeptical of "green" labels. Has there ever been better news?

Some of the green shopping details:

Even though green buying is up, what exactly qualifies as green is still a mystery to many consumers:

* About one in three consumers say they do not know how to tell if green product claims are true.
* One in 10 consumers blindly trusts green product claims.
* 24 percent of consumers are verifying green claims by reading the packaging.
* 17 percent are turning to research, such as using the Internet and reading studies.

The story also argues that shoppers just want green buying to be more convenient. That's an argument put forth recently by Kevin Grandia in his HuffPost Green blog, "Putting Green In Arm's Reach."