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03/13/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister?

Benjamin Netanyahu, one of Israel's most controversial political figures, is favored to win the election for prime minister over Tzipi Livni.

Netanyahu, leader of the Likud party and former prime minister of Israel, is a staunch critic of the centrist Kadima party and seeks to bring Israel back to the right, according to BBC News.

To his supporters, he came across as young, handsome, energetic, articulate in English and a master of how to handle the Western media.

But as prime minister, Mr Netanyahu, who had said he would not give up land controlled by Israel for peace, did just that under US pressure.

If elected, Netanyahu has vowed to put together a coalition of right-wing parties led by Likud. He also set his top priority as creating a government that can withstand regional anti-Israel forces, reported Naharnet News of Lebanon.

Right-wing opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu has said his only concern was to form a strong government capable of facing Iran and Hizbullah if he became prime minister.

What I am concerned about now is "the way to form a strong government capable of facing Iran and its threat ... and able to come up with a new and strong policy against Hamas and Hizbullah," Netanyahu said in his last TV appearance before Tuesday's general elections.