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Phelps Bong Worth $100,000?

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The photo of fourteen time Olympic gold medalist, Michael Phelps, smoking marijuana from a glass bong has made its way onto prime time television and saturated world news. That must be worth something. The owner of the most famous bong of the 21st century believes it's worth $100,000, reports WIS10, Columbia, South Carolina's local news station. Supposedly, he put the bong on eBay.

The media blitz over the now infamous party in Columbia has led to serious consequences for many involved. It might have made one lucky student a rich man. Instead, Sheriff Leon Lott of Richland County has confiscated the shaft of glass. He has also leveled criminal charges against its owner, and seven other individuals who were reported to have been present at the party where the photo was taken. Sheriff Lott has expressed an eagerness to go after Phelps as well.

Read the full report from WIS 10 here.

Filed by Matthew Palevsky