Prince Harry Made Racist Remark To Black Comedian: Allegation

03/14/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

LONDON — A black British comedian alleged that Prince Harry made racist comments to him after a performance last year.

The accusation was made about a month after the 24-year-old prince apologized for using a derogatory term to describe a fellow soldier of Pakistani origin. He also apologized in 2005 for wearing a swastika armband to a party.

Comedian Stephen K. Amos told daytime talk-show "The Wright Stuff," the two men met after Amos performed at birthday celebrations for Harry's father Prince Charles in November.

In a program that aired Tuesday, Amos told talk show host Matthew Wright: "I'll let you into a secret. When I finished the show in the line I was saying 'hello, hello.' Prince Harry comes up to me and goes, 'Oh, tell me, amusing, but you don't sound like a black chap.'

"I wanted to say, 'how am I supposed to sound,'" Amos added, taking on a mock West Indian accent.

Instead of answering, Amos said he responded with an uncomfortable, high-pitched laugh.

Prince Harry's press office declined to comment on the allegations Wednesday.