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Original caption: Pope Benedict XVI reacts as he loses his skullcap, blown off by a gust of wind, during the weekly general audience in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican.


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Sam Donaldson reminisces about his one night stand with the Statue of Liberty. By pantangele.

Rampaging chimp taunts police before being shot. By Petraios.

"Top THIS hair, Blagojevich, nyah!" By MountPanic.

Drugs....they're not just for young people anymore. By cardtosser.

Sam Donaldson at his FOX news audition. By nitewriter7.

"Hey Brokaw...stimulate this." By JuniorWences.


Paris: What does IDK mean?
Nicky: I don't know
Paris: OMG, nobody does!!!
By LAwordgirl.