03/23/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Franken: "We're Going To Win Soon"

Al Franken gave his first national media interview since November to Air America's Mark Green Friday. Franken acknowledges the difficulties of his long electoral purgatory but says that none of that really matters, because he is "going to win soon." Here's an excerpt; Air America has the full audio.

GREEN: We talked before air about an election night a few years back when I spent two hours in an emotional deep freeze not knowing whether I had won or lost a close and big race. So how have you handled a three month -- and counting -- emotional deep freeze?

FRANKEN: Well, Frannie and I Iook at each other at night, usually right before we go to bed, and go like: "How long is this gonna go on?" But, it really looks now that it's going to get resolved in my favor, and soon, and so I'm actually excited to get there. So that sort of overcomes the frustration of: "How long can this go on?"

GREEN: What's the hold-up? Haven't you been certified the winner by the secretary of state of Minnesota?

FRANKEN: Well, I've been certified as the winner of the recount. So I just want to be fair to everybody. When I was certified by the state canvassing board as the winner of the recount, Coleman, as is his right, filed a legal contest contesting the outcome of the recount. And that was January 6th, the day that I could've been seated as the winner of the recount. Then we went to trial January 26th, and this is the fourth week. At the end of this past week, the judges issued a ruling, which we think is a great ruling, which narrowed the standards and scope of the absentee ballots that have been previously rejected...then the Coleman people kind of did a 180. They had not wanted these ballots included at all, but now that they're behind, they wanted them all included. The narrowing of the universe of these absentee ballots that could be counted is such that we really believe we're going to win, and we're going to win soon.

The interview also airs on XM and Air America affiliates on Saturday from 6-7 pm Eastern and then on Sunday from 9-10 am Eastern.