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Kevin Garnett Hates Craig Sager's Clothes (VIDEO)

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Celtics' Power Forward Kevin Garnett mocked broadcaster Craig Sager for his outfit during an interview for TNT's coverage of the All Star Game. Sager was wearing a pink plaid sports coat with red and orange pocket squares, magenta and white striped shirt, blue and purple polka dotted tie and red pants, socks and shoes.

Garnett was right. Except for the part about Sager being "butt-ass naked." Nobody wants that.

Sportscasters are notoriously odd dressers, but Sager sticks out due to unfortunate yet constant choices involving shiny and sparkling jackets.


It's not the first time Garnett has come down on Sager for his attire. In the following clip Garnett warns Sager (1:15 in) that "you can't just grab something from 1970s and try to bring it back." Apparently, you can.


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