03/24/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Nadya Suleman Sperm Donor Interviewed On Good Morning America (UPDATED VIDEO)

***UPDATE Monday, 2/23 12:30PM*** This morning GMA aired their interview with Denis Beaudoin, her former boyfriend, sperm donor and possible father of her octuplets. Read about it and watch a clip here.

EARLIER: "Good Morning America" has snagged an interview with a man who says he may be the father of the eight babies given birth by Nadya Suleman. The man, whose identity GMA won't reveal until their interview with him airs Monday morning, donated sperm three times to the clinic at which Suleman received her in vitro fertilization. He is unsure if the children are his, but Suleman approached him asking for sperm donations, so he believes a paternity test is at least in order.

The man and Suleman apparently dated for several weeks, but he now believes that she was still married to her former husband Marcos Gutierrez. Suleman has denied that either man is the biological father of the octuplets.

In the interview, the mystery man relates a bizarre anecdote in which he made a sperm donation for Suleman at home, and Suleman placed the sperm sample between breasts in order to keep it warm:

"I just remember her saying when I donated that the doctor told her that she had to keep it warm by putting it between her -- between her breasts -- just to keep it warm, keep it room temperature until she took it in," he said.

This story continues to make waves as it becomes apparent that Suleman will be unable to afford the extensive care required of not just eight babies but 14 when you include her previous six children, also conceived through in vitro fertilization. Indeed, it's been revealed that Suleman already receives food stamps and three of her children are on disability.

Suleman's father recently appeared on Oprah and questioned the sanity of his daughter, calling her actions "absolutely irresponsible" and pleading for the public to help Suleman and not "punish the babies."

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