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Twitter Growing In Popularity Among TV News Personalities

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"Here's a chance through Twitter, all these social networks, to break the glass in front of the tube," says "Nightline" co-anchor Terry Moran. "It gives you a chance to offer more about your life as a reporter, a person living in Washington." Being on Twitter counters "the whole notion that newscasters speak from Olympus," and yet "it leaves you open to some rich contempt and mockery. You don't want to overshare."

Twitter, which began in 2006, has 6 million users, a fivefold increase since last summer. The 140-character limit on each message initially seems silly, but forces a witty sort of brevity that seems well matched to today's sound-bite culture. While dwarfed by the likes of Facebook, which has become so mainstream it can hardly be viewed as edgy, the bare-bones Twitter has been generating considerable buzz lately.

In an age when people expect behind-the-scenes dish, the site enables television types to explain what they're doing -- and flatter their fans by soliciting their opinions

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