04/03/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Capitol Power Plant Protesters Claim "Victory" (SLIDESHOW)

Coal protesters outside the Capitol Power Plant yesterday claimed victory and nobody was arrested. The day was heavily photographed and twittered.

Grist's Kate Sheppard reported from the scene:

"I think any time you have 2,500 people willing to take action and risk going to jail to stop a coal plant, it's a good thing," Michael Brune of the Rainforest Action Network told Grist as the protest wrapped up. "And I think what's quite clear is that we have more momentum than ever to start shutting down coal plants around the country."

Morale was also boosted by the dismal showing for the "Celebrate Coal!" counter-protest organized by the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Total turnout for the pro-coal rally was less than 20, including CEI interns carrying standard-issue signs with slogans like "Our economy runs on coal." A duo of Irish filmmakers working on a documentary about "global warming hysteria" were also out, holding signs that declared Al Gore "not evil, just wrong." (See photos from the protests.)

The AP captured these moments of the protest:

Capitol Protest
Capitol Protest