Jindal Responds To Speech Criticism: "The President Is A Great Speaker... I'm Certainly Not Nearly As Good Of A Speaker As He Is" (VIDEO)

04/03/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

After almost a week of getting panned by everyone from conservative columnist David Brooks to Kenneth the Page, Governor Bobby Jindal returned to prime time for an interview with Larry King Monday night.

Jindal offered a slight mea culpa for the performance, but NOT for the substance of the speech that was called exaggerated, at best, in some parts. Talking Points Memo debunked much of Jindal's story about battling bureaucracy during Katrina. The Governor also got quite a bit of flack for singling out volcano monitoring as wasteful spending when his state is struggling to come back from the natural disaster he frequently mentioned in his Tuesday night rebuttal.

Watch the interview below, where Jindal repeats much of his speech but does admit in the beginning that "the President is a great speaker... I'm certainly not nearly as good of a speaker as he is. I'm not the only one that has got that opinion!"


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