The GOP Wedded To Rush

04/04/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hard on the heels of the launch of their new "Limbaugh Wire" web resource, Media Matters for America has released a new video depicting the extent to which various observers, pundits, and political figures have encouraged the idea that Limbaugh represents the philosophical point-of-reference for the post-election GOP. In so doing, the media watchdog organization frames their content around a question that I sensed was brewing up with all the attention Limbaugh has received over the past few weeks, namely, "What happens when a political power vacuum gets filled by a media figure?"

In a statement, Erikka Knuti, a spokesperson for Media Matters, said the following:

"Rush Limbaugh has served as the de facto leader of the Republican Party for the past two decades. He is undisputedly the most influential conservative voice in the media....A radio host's ability to control a major political party demonstrates the power of the conservative media. The American people should be aware of who is calling the shots in the Republican Party"

"Limbaugh is just the beginning," she continues. "His show has spawned a new generation of 'Little Limbaughs' - local conservative radio hosts and right-wing bloggers who parrot his talking points and spread his message from coast to coast."


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