04/05/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Brit Hume Calls Out Obama's Media Defectors: Brooks, Gergen, Cramer

Brit Hume returned to "Special Report" Wednesday night to provide a commentary on what Bret Baier described as the "daylight emerging between President Obama and some of his supporters."

In that commentary, Hume called out some members of the media whose tunes he says have changed regarding the President -- David Brooks, David Gergen, and Jim Cramer. Hume's comments on each below:

  • "David Brooks, the center-right columnist of the New York Times, last year extolled Obama and he called Sarah Palin a 'fatal cancer to the Republican Party.' But Brooks wrote this week that Obama 'is not who we thought he was.' He accused the administration of 'ideological outrages' and 'revolutionary fervor.'"
  • "Even CNN's David Gergen -- the former Clintonite long regarded as the absolute symbol of Washington conventional wisdom -- is warning that Obama is trying to do too much, too fast."
  • "And CNBC's antic market commentator Jim Cramer, who backed Obama last year and said John McCain would mean a depression, now accuses Obama of 'the greatest wealth-destruction I've ever seen by a President.'"

Hume concluded: "Taken together, these developments are storm clouds, not storms, but they do seem to be gathering."

Hume also shared his thoughts on the Rush Limbaugh-Michael Steele flap -- he thinks Limbaugh will be out of the news by the end of the week, and that the controversy has been good for Limbaugh and the White House, just not for Steele.