Congratulate Rush: Americans Invited To Send Letters To Limbaugh

04/05/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Americans United For Change, a pro-Obama organization that helped rally support for the economic recovery package, has set its sights on Rush Limbaugh. The group is urging people to send a letter to the talk show host, congratulating him for his "sweet new gig" -- true leader of the Republican Party. The full letter:

Dear Friend,

You've got to wonder if there's a rash of skinned knees going around the GOP these days, what with Republican politicians falling all over themselves to kiss the ring of their new Dear Leader.

Congratulate Rush Limbaugh on ascending to the Republican Party's heights -- by dragging it down to his level. Send Rush a note of congratulations now:


Limbaugh says he hopes President Obama's economic plan fails, and Republican leaders have rushed to agree.

Never mind that the fate of our economy -- and Americans who are suffering because of its decline -- are at stake. And that siding with Rush means rooting against recovery.

Michael Steele learned only a few days after taking the helm of the RNC who the real head of the party is.

After calling Limbaugh's show "incendiary" and "ugly" on cable TV, he was forced to backtrack and apologize profusely to Rush. Lesson learned: you don't insult Dear Leader, no matter what he says.

Right now, it's good to be Rush. Join the lovefest by sending him a congratulations card:


Pass it on to your friends and colleagues! No one should miss the chance to congratulate Rush on his sweet new gig.


Jeremy Funk
Americans United for Change

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