French Photojournalist Gerald Holubowicz Captured Obama And America (VIDEO)

04/05/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Zoom In Online

Zoom In Online (ZIO), in partnership with Adobe, presents a new hi def video series, Viewfinders. This episode features French photographer Gerald Holubowicz and his unique experience on the trail of presidential hopefuls. This Friday, March 6, tune in to see Holubowicz defend his portfolio before a panel of senior photo editors in the Viewfinders challenge.

When French photojournalist Gerald Holubowicz set out to pursue his dream of covering an American presidential election, he was drawn to the experience on both an intellectual and emotional level. Holubowicz was immediately struck by supporters' emotional response to then-candidate Obama. Covering the campaign from its humble beginnings to election night in Harlem to a chilly January day in Washington, D.C. when Obama was sworn in as president, Holubowicz was struck by distinct differences between French and American politics. "The real difference comes from the population itself, how the candidate and the message are received. I saw people crying, overwhelmed by their emotions. I often felt a quasi-religious atmosphere during the speeches. It was quite a theatrical ambience, where you could feel a very strong patriotic sentiment. I think we French people are less focused on the show part of the politics and too much on the intellectual aspect. "

Visit ZIO to see more of Viewfinders, this month focusing on photojournalism in the 2008 election season. Along with Gerald, we feature photojournalists Keith Bedford, Yana Paskova, Katie Orlinsky, and Jennifer Altman. They show a diverse portrait of the political scene of the past six months, and offer intimate moments of Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Rudolph Giuliani, Fred Thompson, Hilary Clinton, John McCain, John Edwards and of course many photographs of President Barack Obama and the Obama family. A portfolio challenge finale airs March 6th in which the photographers compete to defend their images taken at Obama's inauguration. Tune in to ZIO's online video network to see Holubowicz compete to defend his portfolio. This episode includes Holubowicz's own video footage from the historic inauguration day.

ZIO is now accepting submissions that show how the current political and economic climate is affecting you and your community. Get involved in the Viewfinders series and submit your own photo for publication.

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