04/11/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Meghan McCain: Press Lets Obama Get Away With Everything

Earlier today, the Columbia Journalism Review reported on how their bloggiest of alumni, Meghan McCain, went onto the Hannity show and straight up called the entire White House Press Corps on the carpet, oh yes indeedy!

I think the problem is the press corps lets him get away with it. The press corps sits around -- I recognize a lot of the faces sitting there. They are sitting there and letting him get away with it. They don't call him out because the media lets everyone in the Obama administration get away with everything, their love affair with him. It's exhausting. Call him out.

It is exhausting! But not in the way Meghan McCain thinks. As it turns out, the reason the press corps are just "sitting there and letting him get away with it" is that they are bored, bored, bored to tears by Robert Gibbs and bored, bored, bored out their skulls by whatever it is Chip Reid is yammer, yammer, yammering about right now. Watch this video, as the reporter sitting behind Reid, on the aisle (a seat reserved for the Wall Street Journal, Alex Pareene has her tentatively IDed as Laura Meckler), finally succumbs to the sweet release of Morpheus.

Link: White House Reporter Nods Off

Honestly, Meghan, these reporters are HEROES. My sources insist that Meckler was not dozing because of some boozy binge at the 1819 club; she's known as a hard worker and a whiz at health care policy. And it can get boring! It's not like Robert Gibbs has invented a bunch of exciting new ways to dodge questions. But yeah, from time to time they totally drop the ball. Ever hear of "weapons of mass destruction," and junk?

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