04/11/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Small Wind Turbine With A Blender Motor (VIDEO)

Wind-powering one's home typically means one of two things: buying into a pool of money that offsets the cost of running a wind farm -- that is to say, buying electrons that are probably generated by conventional means and blindly subsidizing the work required to build or run wind projects, which will (probably) feed "clean" electrons into the grid elsewhere -- or planting a huge, expensive and sometimes loud wind turbine on your property.

One entry in a Google-run contest would like to change that, according to the Seattle Times:

Imagine walking into a big-box retail store and grabbing a wind turbine off the shelf.

"For me, so many of these [wind] systems just aren't practical," Maglaque said, referring to expenses and inspections needed to install other wind devices. "I should be able to go down to Costco and pick one up by a big jar of mayonnaise."

Here's what his idea looks like:

What do you think?