04/12/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Madoff Is Boring, Swiss Gigolo More Interesting

As the seeker of the Haute-Swindle, I have been forced to turn my attention this week to a much more satisfying fraudster, Helg Sgarbi who has been dubbed the "Swiss gigolo". Better yet, he is a serial seducer. His "career of crime" spanned years and consisted of picking up lots of rich, and dim, European females in fancy places. Sgarbi is a lawyer, speaks six languages and worked at Credit Suisse until the mid-1990s. He was also a reserves officer in the Swiss military.
He defrauded Germany's richest woman, heiress Susanne Klatten of BMW, of C$11.5 million after the two indulged in a torrid affair. He was also convicted of defrauding three more German women of around C$4 million identified in court as "H", "R" and "S".

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