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Churches Put Faith To Work With Job Help And Prayer For Those In Need (VIDEO)

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With the increasing prevalence of job layoffs across the country, churches are among the institutions that are making it their priority to help those individuals and families in their communities that are in need. Offering prayer services in conjunction with resume building workshops and networking opportunities, church officials are seeing more and more people within their communities, whether members of the church or not, turn out to these events that aim to get those in need back on their feet.

The Houstin Chronicle reports:

On a recent Wednesday morning, more than 500 job seekers streamed into the NorthWest Bible Church in Spring, including about 175 first-timers. They came to network, study the employment postings, hear a little Scripture and, if their prayers are answered, land a job.

The Detroit News relates a similar story:

Avery is among countless laid-off workers turning to the church in their search for a job, flocking to church-sponsored career transition workshops across Metro Detroit. Churches are responding by offering members and nonmembers traditional tools like resume writing and interviewing tips, and a supportive atmosphere to grieve the loss of a job. In some cases, job seekers are offered prayer and Scripture...

Not all church sponsored workshops include prayers or cite Scripture because the meetings are not restricted to church members and are open to the public. Church leaders said they don't want to force their beliefs on others.

CNN also reported on combining job hunts with religion in the video below:

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