04/17/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Meghan McCain Cancels On Snippy Howie Kurtz: "Maybe She Got A Date"

Meghan McCain has seemingly been everywhere lately — Rachel Maddow, The Daily Beast, Fox & Friends, Twitter...

One place she didn't show, however, was CNN's "Reliable Sources," where she was booked to sit down with host Howie Kurtz and canceled at the last minute, leaving her "unpopular" and a miffed Kurtz spilling to Page Six:

Meanwhile, Meghan is unpopular at CNN after cancelling her appearance on Howard Kurtz's show Sunday.

"At the last moment, she decided she was 'all talked out,' as she put it," Kurtz snipped. "We wanted to ask her about something she wrote where she said her dating life had been ruined by being the daughter of a presidential candidate. Maybe she got a date and she found better company to keep."

McCain had used her new favorite medium, Twitter, to hype her upcoming appearance — "No more interviews until Sunday with Howard Kurtz," she wrote last week — but appears to have deleted that Tweet from her updates. A Twitter search for "McCainBlogette Kurtz" continues to produce it as a search result, however.