Press Corps Defends Dick Cheney From Robert Gibbs

04/17/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Aren't the silly games of media politesse a wonder to behold? Dick Cheney was on CNN this weekend, fearmongering his behind off, as if he wasn't going to be able to enjoy his golden years unless he inspired fear in somebody, and no one really even bats a lash. I mean, the man is doing everything short of leaping out at people at public bus stops and screeching, "OBAMA GONNA GET YOU KEEEEELED! MWAHAHAHA!" Maybe there are people out there who think this is okay, but surely...SURELY! wouldn't begrudge the White House the opportunity to defend itself from the accusation that they are going to get people killed, with their policies, especially coming from a guy WHO DID get lots of people killed, with his policies.

And so, yesterday, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs did just that, with tone and rhetoric that perfectly fit the nonsensical debate Cheney had set up. That should have been the end of it. But, no! Your press corps decided at that moment to straight up GET THE VAPORS, as if their delicate sensitivities had been offended. HOW DARE anyone question the statements of our widely unpopular former vice-president!

Chip Reid, we could expect this from, since he thinks Democrats all have ugly heads except his paramour Kent Conrad. But Chuck Todd? Really, Chuck? You're gonna play it like this?

Is Robert Gibbs' open disdain for Cheney acceptable to a president who promised to move beyond petty political squabbling? And does the president agree with Gibbs' description of the loyal opposition as "the Republican cabal"?

Honestly? There is a wide gap between participating in "petty political squabbling" and responding to a former Vice President who's loudly suggesting that Americans were going to die as a result of your boss. And as Greg Sargent notes:

Ask those questions if you want, but if they are going to be asked, simple fairness dictates that the following questions should also be asked:

Did Cheney's claim to CNN that Obama has raised the risk of another attack constitute "open disdain," and is it "acceptable" to both the White House press corps and the current GOP leadership? Does the current GOP leadership -- which has called for Obama and Dems to be "bipartisan" -- agree with Cheney's assertions? Why is Cheney's attack getting a free pass from the press, and why shouldn't Gibbs aggressively defend his boss against Cheney's broadside?

Sargent also points out: "There's no sign that First Read had any problem with Cheney's assault." Hell, FIRST READ is promoting Cheney's assault, including a video of it, right on their page!

NOTE TO THE MEDIA: You guys obviously haven't figured this out yet, but it's no longer necessary to worry about "having access" to Dick Cheney, so you can ease up on all the ass-kissing. Just thought you should know!

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