04/17/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Scritti Politti: March 17, 2009

So today marked the beginning and, hopefully, the end, of Twitterviewing. As much as I enjoy Twitter, it is a medium that is fantastically incompatible with interviewing, unless you enjoy the prospect of grown men answering each others' trivial questions in pidgin English, with time lags, miscommunications, and need to read it in reverse order to make sense of it. Fortunately, interviewers may fall back on superior alternatives like CoverItLive, or instant message, or email, or the phone, or a transcribed tape recording, or videotape, or digital video, or letters back and forth, or smoke signals, or seance.

WebNewser has the transcript of this moment that History shall remember as a really annoying moment. Stephanopoulos will probably insist it get shoved into some corner of the Newseum.

Next time, hopefully George Stephanopoulos and John McCain will agree to an interview conducted on old-timey telegraphs, in Gaelic Morse Code, or something.

This Is A Public Service Announcement: Senator Claire McCaskill, she is Tumbling. You have all been warned.

Not For Virgin Ears: The Village Voice has assembled a hilarious clutch of clips from the audiobook of Bill O'Reilly's Those That Trespass - his tribute to Irish stereotypes, lurid wish fulfillment, and really bizarro sex - O'Reilly's believes "the best way to seduce a woman is to seize her breasts, preferably as she showers." Face it: "OFF WITH THOSE PANTS" will soon be your new ringtone.

Today, In Pointless Grandstanding: Apprently, John McCain and Lindsay Graham's objections to Chris Hill becoming the new U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, on the grounds that he was once mildly critical of Ronald Reagan, won't be amounting to a hill of beans. [UPDATE: Okay, maybe it will be an impressively-sized, yet pointless, hill of beans.]

Tonight On FOX: Awesome. Bill O'Reilly, who sends his gotcha news crews out to harrass people all the time, will pretend to be against it. Meanwhile, Sean Hannity, who thinks that any attempt to restrain or regulate the free market is akin to Soviet-style totalitarianism, will condemn the Britney Spears song that everyone wants to buy.

Finally, In Honor Of Today: At this time, please rise for the national anthem of St. Patricks Day.

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