04/19/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Colbert Talks Politics, Pitchforks On Today Show (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert made an "out of character" appearance on The Today Show this morning, pimping Monsters vs. Aliens and talking over the political news of the day with host Meredith Vieira. On the matter of whether Colbert plans a future in politics, the answer is no: "SURE. I'd love to be in politics and someone like me make fun of me...I've said things on teevee that are political suicide." And yet, some say David Vitter still stalks the halls of power!

As far as his invocation to take the AIG building by torch and pitchfork, Colbert allowed, "I think I captured the level-headed discourse." He went on to make a very good point about the need to focus anger (after a weird moment where it actually looked as if Vieira was sincerely attempting to play "gotcha" with a comedian): "If you had your money stolen by Bernie Madoff, at least you know who to blame...this is what's great about being angry at AIG, it's that I don't think AIG are necessarily the problem, for giving out these bonuses - it isn't necessarily that big of a deal, but, it gives us someone to focus our rage at."

Oh, and for the benefit of Colbert fans, don't miss the exchange that's not included in the video below.


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