04/19/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Deadly Spider Found At Tulsa Store


The suspected deadly banana spider at a Tulsa Whole Foods was apparently misidentified:

But Barry Downer, the curator of aquariums and herpetology at the Tulsa Zoo, said video and photos he had seen of the spider led him to believe that it was a Huntsman spider, which is harmless to humans.

"There's pretty definitive evidence it has been misidentified," Downer said.

Childs said Wednesday night that he had destroyed the spider at the urging of a university administrator because of safety concerns.

EARLIER from KOTV report on the suspected deadly spider at Whole Foods:

TULSA, OK -- The world's deadliest spider found in a Tulsa grocery store. An employee at Whole Foods Market at 1401 East 41st Street found a Brazilian Wandering Spider wandering around in their produce section.

The store handed the spider over to biologists at the University of Tulsa who say that employee is lucky to be alive.

Terry Childs is the director of TU's Animal Facilities and a self-proclaimed spider lover. He has a scary-looking but harmless friend Cuddles the tarantula. He is harmless, unless you're an insect.