04/24/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Geithner's Notes: The Key To Economic Turnaround?

A tipster sends along this photograph taken by Mark Wilson of Getty Images News which depicts the secret notes Tim Geithner was scrawling during his Congressional hearing today, on his official "FROM THE DESK OF THE TREASURY SECRETARY" notepad.

But what do these scrawlings say? Is the first entry "DONKEY IRON?" Or is it "DUNK MY IRAN?" The fourth line -- is it "POTUS PREP/QA," an indication that Geithner will be briefing the President in advance of his news conference tonight?

The fifth line will take on a radically different meaning depending on whether it reads "CFR" - for "Council on Foreign Relations" or "GFR" - for "Garance Franke-Ruta."

(Click here for a huge version)

And that last line! Is it "HUFF GUARANTEE?" What guarantees has Geithner made to Huff? And who is "Huff?" Because...uhm...we're sure it's just a totally innocent coincidence!

At the risk of getting into some Bill O'Reilly-style body-language divinations, here's some quick and dirty handwriting analysis, which we remind you, is a pseudoscience (like "monetary policy").:

1) He lies! The letters are not closed at the bottom. This is ominous.
2) All caps=egotistical.
3) His letters are together like he does not pick up his pen. He is quick and to the point.

Anyway, take a close look and let us know what you think it says, because, obviously, this is the key to making the economy happy again, forever and ever.

That fifth line looks like it means "CFR." So, Garance is in the clear on this!

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