04/25/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bill Bennett: Conservative Idea That Press In Love With Obama Disproven (VIDEO)

Conservative radio host and CNN contributor Bill Bennett shot down conservatives who claim the press is in love with President Obama during Tuesday night's post-conference analysis on CNN.

"There is a conservative strand of thinking that says the press is in love with Barack Obama. Not tonight," Bennett said. "He went through a murderer's row, from Jake Tapper to Chip Reid and CNN's own Ed Henry. And you saw a flash of anger from the President at Ed Henry."

Henry's exchange with President Obama, seen below, was one of the evening's more memorable moments, with Henry repeating his question about AIG bonuses after being dissatisfied with the President's response.

"I think tonight [the President] learned that no matter how many times he beats up Republicans, some of the press, a lot of the press is not gonna buy it," Bennett said. "They're gonna hone in on his arguments. Most of what he did tonight in response to very sharp, pointed questions was to give that same speech and I don't think it cut. I do not think he had a good night."

WATCH (Bennett's comments at end, starting around 6:00 in):

WATCH: Henry asks Obama about AIG:

Watch: Henry tells Anderson Cooper that Obama dodged his question:

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