04/25/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jim Gaffigan Loves Fast Food (VIDEO)

Jim Gaffigan has been on the world's most intense living-room publicity tour for his upcoming special "King Baby." He's taken Twitter to a whole new level by proclaiming his own death and then microblogging from the afterlife:

"It was some guy complaining that i'm tweeting too much. He shot me. I'm dead. In memorial will you watch...(i'll stop- i love you bye)" 23 hours ago

"I'm still dead. Did it make the news?" 21 hours ago

"Twittering from heaven. NIce up here. Very Echoey. "Hello" (hello, hello, hello)" 18 hours ago

"In heaven at a buffet with Carlin. What is Stalin doing here? hmm. Should i call him Joe or Joseph?" 18 hours ago

He's also been vlogging constantly about his show, dressed as Darth Vader, Moses and even himself. All of this is a prelude to us saying how happy we are that he's actually on TV talking about "King Baby," instead of on our computers in a plastic mask and/or dead.

He sat down with David Letterman this week and talked about his love for fast food, including Popeyes, which, according to Gaffigan, can melt napkins.