04/27/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Geithner vs. Geithner: "Meet The Press," "This Week" Both Book Treasury Secretary

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has double-booked his Sunday morning!

Both ABC's "This Week" and NBC's "Meet the Press" will host the Treasury Secretary this weekend and they are both touting his first interview with a Sunday morning program.

George Stephanopoulos wrote:

Our headliner on "This Week" Sunday: Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. It's Geithner's first Sunday interview since taking the reigns [sic] at the Treasury Department.

"Meet the Press" Executive Producer Betsy Fischer tweeted:

MTP Guests for Sunday: Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner in his first live Sunday interview plus an exclusive with Sen. John McCain.

The difference, of course, is that "Meet the Press" promises Geithner's "first live Sunday interview" (emphasis added), while "This Week" claims his "first Sunday interview."

So what gives?

ABC tells us that Geithner will pre-tape an interview with Stephanopoulos at 8AM in Washington. The interview will be "live to tape," while David Gregory will interview Geithner live at 9AM.

Secretary Geithner's office did not return an email asking about the double-booking.

Both "Meet the Press" and "This Week" will be forced to compete with "Face the Nation," which has booked President Obama for his first Sunday morning sit-down.

ABC counters with Geithner critic Paul Krugman on the panel, which should make for exciting television, while NBC follows Geithner with Senator John McCain.

Last week, "Meet the Press" won solidly in the ratings, averaging 4.315 million viewers, 45% more than "This Week" (2.981 million) and 57% more than "Face the Nation" (2.753 million).

An appearance by President Obama on "This Week" on January 11 has been the only time "Meet the Press" failed to win in the ratings since David Gregory took over as moderator.